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Ensure 24/7 video surveillance of job sites in Puerto Rico

Updated: May 6

High electricity costs continue to burden customers in Puerto Rico. There have been some efforts to restore power, but they have not been successful. According to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Puerto Rico's average rate per kilowatt-hour is more than double that of the United States. Furthermore, Puerto Rico struggles with an ongoing electricity crisis. 

Construction Security

Over 4,000 people protested in the street, blaming both the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority and Luma Energy. In that case, it’s hard to maintain 24/7 job site monitoring in Puerto Rico.  

Job site monitoring through surveillance cameras is vital for ensuring safety. These systems provide real-time visibility into on-site activities. It allows supervisors to detect potential hazards, unauthorized access. Furthermore, it also helps to prevent thefts as soon as possible. However, power issues can make it difficult for these cameras to work 24 hours a day. It can hamper the security and productivity of your job site. What can be the best solution to the issue?  

How to Ensure 24/7 Job Site Monitoring in Puerto Rico? 

Traditional surveillance methods in Puerto Rico face challenges, especially in remote areas. To overcome these hurdles, integrating solar-powered camera systems offers a sustainable and reliable solution. You can ensure round-the-clock monitoring. Solar-powered camera systems are known for their ability to operate independently of power grids. In regions like Puerto Rico, where power outages are not uncommon, this autonomy ensures continuous surveillance without interruptions. 

The initial investment in solar-powered camera systems may be higher, but they can save you a lot of money in the long run. It eliminates ongoing electricity bills and reduces maintenance expenses. Besides, it contributes to significant economic benefits over the system's lifespan.

Besides, Advanced solar-powered camera systems feature remote monitoring functionality. It allows real-time access to live footage from any location with an internet connection.

Get Affordable Solar Powered Job site Monitoring Solutions In Puerto Rico  

Advanced Industrial Monitoring (AIM) is a pioneering company that offers innovative solar-powered remote camera security solutions. With a commitment to stopping crime through 24/7 video monitoring, AIM provides cutting-edge technology

combined with proactive security measures to safeguard industrial spaces effectively. Our Solar-powered camera systems are highly scalable and adaptable to diverse job site environments. Whether monitoring a small construction site or a sprawling development project, these systems can be easily customized

Here's what you can expect from AIM's services:

  • Solar-powered security camera and video monitoring system 

  • Cutting-edge A.I. integration for surveillance 

  • Secure and fast mobile app to make things easier 

  • Free live demo option before installation  

  • Installation within 24 hrs

  • No long-term contract 

  • No hidden fees 

Final Words 

Surveillance cameras also enhance accountability and deterrence. You can maintain safety protocols and prevent misconduct. Moreover, recorded footage serves as valuable evidence in case of incidents or disputes, aiding in investigations and liability claims. Overall, solar-powered cameras are the ultimate solution to maintain the safety of your construction site. 

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